Your Child Is Turning 13 – The 7 Year Adventure Begins

Revisiting Our Purpose Here

Calm yourselves, mom and dad. Your child is turning 13. I know you’ve heard horror stories about how your sweet little son or daughter is now about to morph into some dreadful monster. A monster known as a teenager.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Those people I love to call the “Prophets of Doom” will happily sit there and tell you your child is about to become awful, rebellious, hard to deal with, and about to change into someone you may not even recognize. And you are about to completely lose control.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One thing is true. Your child is changing. Physically, mentally, emotionally. This change is not a bad thing. He is turning into a young adult. And when that is happening, your little person needs all the love, understanding, and guidance he can get from you.

It is an overwhelming and sometimes scary experience, growing up, and who better to help them than someone who has already been through it? It is always better to face issues head on rather than pretending they don’t exist, or worse, complaining about them.

How did we get so derailed in our thinking about teens?

I think one way is the fact that it is so accepted and automatic to bad-mouth kids. Whenever some teens do bad things (just like some adults do), people are always quick to say, “What’s wrong with kids these days?” As if we have nothing to do with how and what they are being taught.

What’s wrong with some kids is their lack of guidance, love, and attention. As their parents or guardians, we must be absolutely vigilant about letting them know what their boundaries are. And you must let them know you care. A lot.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the importance of a parent’s words in shaping a child’s future in an article entitled How Your Words Can Determine Your Teen’s Destiny. Your words have so much power, not only in directing your child’s path, but also in influencing your own mind toward your child, and teens in general.

This certainly applies to your child’s 13th birthday.

Turning 13 should be celebrated, not dreaded. Think about how all of this looks from your child’s perspective. Every year mom and dad celebrated her birthday – all the way through the 12th. Now with number 13, mom and dad are rolling their eyes in mortal dread. What message does this send to her?

She is effectively being told that she is expected to become awful, dreadful, unmanageable, and no longer any fun to be around. This is a bad message.

So I will challenge you as parents of a soon-to-be 13 year old to speak positively about your child’s passage into the teen years. Enjoy it. View it as an adventure, and help them to view it that way, too.

It is just as important for your teen to enjoy his or her teen years as it is for you, their parents, to enjoy them. Life is what you decide it is going to be. Decide your child’s teen years are going to be awesome!

Do you have a pre-teenaged child, and do you have some anxiety about the impending teen years? If so, then please scroll down and leave a comment in the section below. I would love to hear from you. Maybe your words can encourage and help someone else, too. Thanks and as always,

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