The Seventh Request

Day five of the Intentional Blog 7-day Challenge. Of all the days, this should be the easiest for me. On the other days, I had to write something or get something together to send or use, except my opt-in ebook, which was day 2. I had that one done and on my site already. But day five is about giving something away. Something else completely for free.

I knew immediately what I should do. I already had it done. I was just waiting for the best way to release it. Maybe the way just presented itself. But this is not so easy. It is hard for me to put this out there. I have butterflies at the thought.

I am giving away an ebook that I just finished last weekend. It is the moving, amazing story of how our youngest child came to exist. Jeff said to give away something of value, so this is what I am giving.

This story not only has value. To me, it is priceless.

So I am giving it to you in hopes that it will bless you and possibly help you to overcome some adversity in your life.

  • I hope you learn that faith in God has healing power.
  • I hope you learn how to pray specifically for your needs.
  • I hope you learn that life’s toughest times can have happy endings.

It is called The Seventh Request. It is a 34 page ebook, probably about a 30 minute read. I hope you will download it and read it.

Scroll down to the comment section and say a few words if you feel inclined.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy reading The Seventh Request.



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