Life With a Vegan Teenager

PLUS Four Tasty Smoothie Recipes to Get You Started in the Morning

A few months ago, I posted an article about how I support my daughter’s decision to become a vegan. I felt like it was time to give a progress report on how things are going. Overall, things are going pretty well for her. Her acne problem continues to improve, and she is so much happier […]

How to Stop Nagging Your Teen and Start Enjoying Your Relationship

You don’t have to have perfect kids to have happy kids. I suspect that’s why parents often fall into the trap of nagging and being critical – to try to make their children live up to a certain standard. But does anyone respond positively to being nagged or criticized? Of course not. There is a […]

Exceptional Teen Feature – Andrew Pfluger, August, 2016

What do YOU want to be when you grow up? Every kid has been asked this question at some time in his or her life. The answers are usually predictable. Doctor. Teacher. Veterinarian. Nurse. Firefighter. Astronaut. Entrepreneur. Wait… what? We don’t usually hear that last one. But an entrepreneur is exactly what Andrew Pfluger has […]

Let’s Stop Bashing Teens and Millennials For Chasing Pokemon, Shall We?

I’ve heard a lot of smack talk recently about how stupid it is for this younger generation to be out chasing Pokemon. Many adults are actually quite snobbish about it. It’s the same old shtick. Older people look down their noses at younger people because they think what they are doing is silly, childish, or […]

Exceptional Teen Feature – Brooke Sanders, June, 2016

Have you ever found yourself in Wonderland, wondering where to go next and where that next road will lead you? A few years ago, that’s exactly where thirteen year old Brooke Sanders found herself. After successfully landing the role of Alice in the local community production of Alice in Wonderland, she found her place in […]

Your Child Is Turning 13 – The 7 Year Adventure Begins

Revisiting Our Purpose Here

Calm yourselves, mom and dad. Your child is turning 13. I know you’ve heard horror stories about how your sweet little son or daughter is now about to morph into some dreadful monster. A monster known as a teenager. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Those people I love to call the “Prophets […]

Experiencing Graduation – 7 Profound Emotions

It’s that glorious, heart-wrenching time of year. May – the month of graduations. It is a time for closing old chapters, opening new ones, saying goodbye, and finally finishing what was started many years ago. It is a time for big changes in both a teen’s life and a parent’s. So how will you deal […]