Growing Toddlers to Teens – 22 Memories I Want my Kids to Carry With Them

What kind of memories are you creating with your kids? It’s easy to fall into our ruts of day-to-day activities and busyness. Because of our ever-increasing levels of chaos, we can fail to recognize that each day contains an opportunity to do something memorable with our teenagers, even if it’s on a small scale. Obviously, […]

Parenting Your Legacy

Revisiting the Parenting Manifesto

Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.” A few decades ago, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote that quote in his popular book entitled “The Power of Positive Thinking.” It was a huge success. Why is that? Because people need a positive message to help them navigate through their daily lives, and teens and […]

How Your Words Can Determine Your Teen’s Destiny

Whether you as a parent use negative speech or positive speech, it can dramatically affect the direction of your teen’s life, and your relationship with him or her. It starts at a very young age and carries through to the teen years. Sadly, sometimes parents who use negative words don’t even realize what they are […]

The Constant Vigilance Factor – Why You Can Be a Great Parent to Your Teen

You know that feeling. “Can I really do this?” We all ask ourselves this daunting question when we first learn we are going to become parents. Will I be able to handle the responsibility of nurturing another human being for the next roughly two decades? When our first child, Jacquelyn, was born, we were ridiculously […]

Moms! Dads! Lend Them Your Ears

The Lost Art of Listening to Teens

Look out, bad parent alert. Guilty as charged. Occasionally, this blog is going to be self-confessional, and today is one of those times. I am still wallowing in the trenches of learning to be a better parent. Maybe the third child will be the charm. The other day, my daughter Andrea was trying to tell me […]

Why We Should Stop Putting Negative Labels On Teens

It always amazes and saddens me when I hear anyone, especially parents, bad-mouthing teenagers as a group. We are so hypersensitive to stereotyping groups of people in our society, but we think nothing of stereotyping teenagers as “bad.” We describe them as rebellious, stubborn, bratty, ungrateful, head-strong, and even worthless, among other dreadful adjectives. And […]