Saying Goodbye to Your College Kid Without Turning Into a Blubbering Idiot, Again

I published this article several months ago when I had to kiss my college-aged son goodbye and send him back to college after a long and wonderful Christmas break. Now, after an even longer and more wonderful summer break, I find myself in the same predicament. Only this time it’s even harder. When he leaves […]

Creating a Haven of Peace – A Conversation with Author, Joanne F. Miller

Have you ever wished your home could be a sanctuary? A haven of refuge to go to after a long, hard day? Wouldn’t it be grand if your home could be exactly that for you and your family? Well, it can! I had the privilege recently of sitting down and talking with Joanne Miller, author […]

Your Child Is Turning 13 – The 7 Year Adventure Begins

Revisiting Our Purpose Here

Calm yourselves, mom and dad. Your child is turning 13. I know you’ve heard horror stories about how your sweet little son or daughter is now about to morph into some dreadful monster. A monster known as a teenager. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Those people I love to call the “Prophets […]

An Open Letter to the Man Having Dinner With His Daughter

The Phone Call That Can Wait

Dear Dad having dinner with your adorable daughter, I just wanted you to know that my husband and I dined at the table next to you and your lovely teen daughter last evening. At first when we sat down, I did not notice anything in particular about your situation, except that you and your daughter […]

The Resilience of Teens – Handling Life’s Little Tumbles

Life is full of ups and downs, some in the literal sense. One minute you are at the top of your game, and the next minute you’ve fallen on your rear end. That’s life. What’s important is how you handle it afterwards. I was reminded of this recently when we went on a little weekend […]

Is Your Teen Drowning in Activities?

The Importance of Proper Time Management

Everyone is busy, busy, busy. Our society dictates to all of us, including teens, that to be busy means we are important, and that our lives are filled with purpose. But is that the best life lesson we can teach our teens? Our lives get so full of activities and busyness, we don’t take time […]

5 Ways to Let Teens Know You Love Them Even On Dark Days

A Guest Post by Kate Pieper, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Welcome to day four of the Intentional Blogging Challenge. Today the assignment is to find guest posting opportunities, so today’s post is by Kate Pieper, a licensed marriage family therapist who resides in Auburn, California. I “met” Kate in our Facebook blogging group, and found common ground with her immediately. I will be posting an […]