This Dad Stopped Me in My Tracks and Made Me Say WOW!

Blueprint for How to Be a WOW Parent

I saw a parenting example recently that blew me away. It was a breath of oxygen, a bright light in the dark abyss of negative parenting that I personally witness at times. I felt it was worth sharing here. We’ve all seen parents out in public exhibiting terrible behavior towards their children they themselves would […]

5 Steps to Help Your Kids Unlock Their Talents and Interests

About three years ago while homeschooling our youngest child, I became very aware of the importance of helping her zero in on her talents and interests. We had tried music, but even though her siblings enjoyed it and showed good ability, she just never really loved it. And sports were definitely not on her radar. […]

Hello, Parents of Teens! Let’s Embark On the 7 Year Adventure

Expectation is everything. If you expect something to be fantastic, your brain will work on finding ways to make it that way. Conversely, if you expect something to be bad, dreadful, or tiresome, your brain is preconditioned to make it that way, as well. Many parents view their children’s teen years as seven years of […]