Hello, Parents of Teens! Let’s Embark On the 7 Year Adventure

Expectation is everything. If you expect something to be fantastic, your brain will work on finding ways to make it that way.

Conversely, if you expect something to be bad, dreadful, or tiresome, your brain is preconditioned to make it that way, as well.

Many parents view their children’s teen years as seven years of tribulation. My focus in writing this blog is to change the negative perception our society has of teens as a group. These precious young adults need you, not like they did when they were toddlers, but in an even more complex capacity.

I want to teach parents to rethink how we view the teen years. View them not as something to be dreaded or feared, but rather something to embrace and happily anticipate.

  • Who do I want to reach? Parents of teenagers who are looking for ways to enhance the relationships they have with their teenagers. Parents who want to coach and guide their children into fulfilling, successful, happy lives.
  • The problem I am addressing: Too many parents, and society in general, look upon the teen years as something to be survived, even dreaded. Teenagers are incredible human beings. They are smart, intuitive, funny, and capable of doing amazing things. They are also going through turbulent changes in their lives. Their minds, their bodies, everything seems to be in upheaval. Frequently they feel alone, misunderstood, and as though no one cares about their feelings. By showing them love, understanding, and patience, we as parents can influence our teenagers to become what God intends for them to be.
  • What do I want to do for parents of teens? I want to help parents create loving, peaceful environments in their homes for their families – haven homes. I want to give those parents helpful tools and advice for dealing with their respective situations. If I don’t have the answers, then I will help them find access to the information they are seeking to solve their problems. I want to encourage parents and their teenagers to have fun together, and enjoy those often difficult teen years. I also want to help parents guide their teens toward college and career choices that will set them on the paths toward success.
  • What am I planning to write? My plan is to give helpful tips for improving parents’ relationships with their teenagers, and to seek feedback and input from my readers on issues that concern them the most. Also, I am planning to post tips on traveling with teens, meal prep with teens, and helping teens find their talents and interests. As a bonus, I plan to post articles about college and career choices, and how to pay for college without student loans.
  • I want to hear from you! If you have an exceptional teen, I want to hear about it! This will be your place to talk about all the amazing things your teen has done or is doing right now. Please share!
  • How often am I planning to post? I will publish at least one post per week, every Friday. I will also send out my blog post in a weekly email to my subscribers.

Be sure to check out the About page to learn more about The 7 Year Adventure.

I hope you will enjoy reading these articles as much as I will enjoy writing them. My favorite subject is anything having to do with my own kids, and if I can help improve someone else’s relationship with their kids, then my goals will be reached. Happy parenting!

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