5 Ways to Help Your Teen Become Self-Sufficient

Ah, self-sufficient teens and millennials. It seems to be a running joke in today’s world for these two groups of people to be anything but self-sufficient or self-sustaining. But upon closer observation, one can actually find and identify this small but strong demographic. The beauty of the situation is that we have control over how […]

Guiding Your Teens versus Pushing (or Shoving) Them

Have you ever known parents who push their teens to the point of stress and detriment? Of course, sometimes teens do need a little nudge in the right direction to keep them on course. And, depending on the teen and his or her tendencies, some may need more than a nudge. That doesn’t mean they […]

Don’t Settle for Just Surviving Those Teen Years

Keeping the Adventure Alive!

I have a special friend (you know who you are) whose son is turning 13 in about a month. This post is for you, and anyone else who might need encouragement, anyone who is hanging by fingertips on the leading edge of those teen years, waiting for that dreaded shoe to drop. You know what I’m […]

6 Factors That Could Be Stressing Your Teen

And what you can do to help

People are stressed. Adults deal with stress every day, some better than others, but overall stress is a big ugly beast that each of us must face on some level every day. But what about teens? Do they get stressed? Absolutely! Some adults think kids don’t have any reason to be stressed. They’re just kids. […]

Let’s Stop Slapping Negative Labels On Our Teens!

A reminder that it's better to be kind than to be 'right'

“You’re just worthless!” or “Why are you so ungrateful after everything I’ve done for you?” Does either of these statements sound familiar? We may have heard them said to some kids, or maybe they were said to some of us, or, heaven forbid, you might have said them in a moment of weakness. This is […]

Just Let Me Catch My Breath! – Dealing With the Rapid Passage of Time

Okay, just hold everything for a minute. I need to compose. A little time to digest how quickly life flies by without waiting or pausing for anyone to catch up. You all will be proud of me for, once again, resisting the urge to turn into a blubbering idiot this past week. This time was […]

Raising Kids Who Don’t Hate Each Others’ Guts

7 Ways to Help Your Teens Get Along

When I was growing up, I always wished I’d had an older brother – or a twin sister. Being an only child, I had always envied people with a lot of brothers and sisters. It seemed like it would be fun to have other kids around to play with. My mother grew up with an […]