5 Ways to Help Your Teen Become Self-Sufficient

Ah, self-sufficient teens and millennials. It seems to be a running joke in today’s world for these two groups of people to be anything but self-sufficient or self-sustaining. But upon closer observation, one can actually find and identify this small but strong demographic. The beauty of the situation is that we have control over how […]

Help Your Teens LAUNCH Their Career Paths!

What Will They Be When They Grow Up?

How many times do people ask kids what they want to be when they grow up? The answer is – a lot! It’s a good question, and one that can be a bit hard to answer for teens who may not be familiar with all of the job and career options available to them. The […]

Why Your Teen Needs Driving Experience – NOW!

Sophomore year of high school. It’s that action-packed, fun-filled year when most teens become old enough to learn how to drive. And parents fear they will never sleep soundly again. You thought you lost sleep when they were babies. Welcome to the mid-teen years. But relax, Mom and Dad. It doesn’t have to be so […]

Let’s Stop Bashing Teens and Millennials For Chasing Pokemon, Shall We?

I’ve heard a lot of smack talk recently about how stupid it is for this younger generation to be out chasing Pokemon. Many adults are actually quite snobbish about it. It’s the same old shtick. Older people look down their noses at younger people because they think what they are doing is silly, childish, or […]

10 Tips For Traveling With Teenagers

Where Will You Take Your Teen This Summer?

It’s summer time! Fill up your gas tank and throw a cooler and some luggage in the back. It’s time for a road trip, complete with Disney karaoke, Silly Songs with Larry, a few grown-up coloring books, and an assortment of snacks, not the least of which is a good supply of teriyaki turkey jerky. […]

The Resilience of Teens – Handling Life’s Little Tumbles

Life is full of ups and downs, some in the literal sense. One minute you are at the top of your game, and the next minute you’ve fallen on your rear end. That’s life. What’s important is how you handle it afterwards. I was reminded of this recently when we went on a little weekend […]

Is Your Teen Drowning in Activities?

The Importance of Proper Time Management

Everyone is busy, busy, busy. Our society dictates to all of us, including teens, that to be busy means we are important, and that our lives are filled with purpose. But is that the best life lesson we can teach our teens? Our lives get so full of activities and busyness, we don’t take time […]

Why You Should Help Your Teen Make a Resumé

Believe it or not, your teen needs a resumé. What? But she’s just a kid. Kids don’t need resumés. Not so! Every kid needs a resumé, and I am going to show you how and why you should help your teen put one together. Preparing a resumé helps you keep track of involvements and important […]

Why You Should Teach Your Teenager How to Use a Chainsaw

“Be careful!” How many times do we as parents say those words to our kids? A lot. A whole lot. I say it with so much frequency, the kids make jokes about it. But what if our desire to keep them safe prevents them from learning skills that will benefit them later on? During our […]