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Welcome to The 7 Year Adventure! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Anna.  I am Don’s wife, Jacquelyn’s mom, Graham’s mom, and Andrea’s mom.  In fact, my other name is Mom.

I am also Brendan’s mother-in-law (a title that kind of freaks me out) and soon to be JoAnna’s mother-in-law. Our little family is growing, and I love it!

Upon graduating from college, I received a BSME, bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. I found out a few years down the line that a far more difficult and rewarding type of engineering awaited me, a new kind of ME – maternal engineering.

Being a stay-home mom for the last 24 years, I have always loved being known as the mom of one of my kids. It’s who I am and what I do.

Being known as my kids’ mom has never caused me to lose my identity. When I became their mom, I actually found it. My identity is firmly secured as the distinguished mother of these wonderful, outstanding people. Am I their mom? Yes, I am!

How often will you hear from me?

You can expect a post from me every Friday. I will put up other posts occasionally if I feel the need to share something important with you through the week. In addition to those regular posts, I do an occasional Exceptional Teen Feature. Before too long, I plan to start a newsletter to send to my subscribers sharing fun ideas for adventures to have with your teens.

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 Why 7 Year Adventure?

You may be wondering about the blog title, “The 7 Year Adventure.” It’s very simple. Ages 13 through 19 comprise seven very important years of a child’s life. So often, this age group is viewed as less than stellar, and even something to be dreaded and just survived. At our house, we have never dreaded or spoken ill of our kids’ teen years. Why go into something so special and so important as the final phase of childhood with such a negative outlook? As I mentioned in my first blog post, expectation is everything.

My core purpose in writing this blog is to change the perspective parents have of their children’s teen years. Let’s look at this sector of time as an adventure, something to embrace and enjoy! Let’s have some fun!


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P.S. As another bonus, I am giving you my ebook The Seventh Request. Click on the title, and you can download the PDF. The Seventh Request is the story of how I came to have our last little 7 Year Adventure. It teaches 3 key points:

  • How to pray specifically for your needs
  • Why bad things sometimes happen to people
  • The trials in our lives can have very happy endings.

I hope you are blessed by reading it.