6 Gifts That Will Help You and Your Teen Have a Merrier Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? At least that’s what we are told; but with all the shopping, marketing, selling, and emphasis on gifts and excess at Christmas time, something seems to be missing.

In the process of preparing for Christmas, we can forget to teach our teens what they really need to know about celebrating Christmas. Maybe this year, we could look at things a little differently and give our teens something else in addition to material gifts – something that will last much longer.

Here are 6 important gifts that will help you and your teen have a merrier Christmas.

  1. Take them on a family trip to a homeless shelter to serve food for one evening. It gives you something to do together, and it puts the teen in the position of humbly serving other people.
  1. Take them Christmas caroling at a nursing home. Our church does this a lot, and needless to say, the nursing home residents love it.
  1. A Quote Jar. This is just a jar filled with pieces of paper with inspirational quotes and Bible verses written on them. The quotes are easy to find on the internet, and you can print them out and cut them apart fairly quickly. Get a decorative jar to hold the quote papers, and tell your teen to pull out a new quote each week and display it where it can be seen every day to encourage and inspire.
  1. Frame your favorite photo of the two of you together from the past year and give it to your teen. Include a note to tell him or her why the photo is so special to you.
  1. Take them on a live-it-forward experiment. Challenge your teen to help you think of a good way to surprise someone who might need an extra boost this Christmas season. Obviously, you would need to set some kind of a budget for this. Maybe it is paying for the groceries of an elderly lady in line at the store, or paying for someone’s drive thru order. Let your teen be creative in this exercise, and see how much fun you can have with it together.
  1. Encourage them to create handmade gifts for family members and friends. These type of gifts are always a hit because they are special, heartfelt gifts that require effort and love. In the featured photo above, check out my beautiful, hand spun, crocheted mittens, custom made just for me by my sweet teen girl.

Remember, you are creating memories for your kids each and every day they spend under your roof. Those memories will hopefully be wonderful – some they will always cherish when they become adults.

I hope you enjoy all the adventures 2016 has in store for you and your family, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all the best of the Christmas season from the Scates Family!

Wishing you all the best of the Christmas season and a Happy New Year from the Scates Family!

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