57 Reasons to Love Teenagers

So, this has been some week! In fact, I hope there are no more surprises like this past week has held for a very long time to come.

Suffice it to say, God had some interesting challenges and surprises waiting for all of us during the past few days, and I hope our handling of those circumstances has been pleasing in His sight.

All this to say that I am reposting one of my favorites from last Valentine’s Day for you to enjoy again. Here is my first list of 57 Reasons to Love Teenagers.

It’s no secret by now that I’ve been fond of my kids’ teenage years. We’ve had, and are still having, tons of fun. I have learned amazing things from observing and interacting with them and their friends.  It’s helped me to develop a true appreciation for the quips and quirks that are involved with having teens in the house.

To show my appreciation for them on this Valentine’s Day weekend, I have compiled a list of 57 reasons to love teens. Why 57?  It’s completely random. Also, it’s my son’s favorite number.

  1. They are adventurous! (Of course, this had to be first.) IMG_5296 - Copy
  2. They can cook their own meals.
  3. They can do their own laundry.
  4. Teens are capable of taking care of you when you are sick.
  5. Even in this age of email and internet, they still want to go to the mail box and get the mail.
  6. Teenagers can be awesome musicians.IMG_0627 - Copy
  7. Some teenagers are really good at sports.
  8. They make great babysitters.
  9. They love animals.
  10. Four sevenths of them are old enough to drive.
  11. They still love to play in the snow.   
  12. They know how to help you with your electronic devices.
  13. Most are nice enough not to make fun of those of us who need help with our electronic devices.
  14. They are smart enough to know what you are talking about.
  15. They are smart enough to know who you are talking about. So be careful.
  16. They need their space, but they also still need Mom.
  17. They can lift heavy objects. IMG_1888
  18. They can mow yards.
  19. They can help clean the house.
  20. They love birthday parties.
  21. They still like to dress up for Halloween.img 15
  22. They are old enough to get the adult-aimed jokes in Disney movies.
  23. They admit they still love Disney movies.
  24. They still want their picture made with Mickey Mouse.
  25. They can ride roller coasters with you (if they want to).
  26. They love to go to the zoo. IMG_6823
  27. They love to show you funny videos on YouTube.
  28. They still love going to the aquarium.
  29. They have opinions and thoughts that need to be heard.
  30. They can help plan amazing vacations.
  31. They can transport their own luggage through the airport.
  32. They are lots of fun to travel with.


    At Yellowstone Paint Pots and Mud Volcano

  33. They can help with the driving on long trips.
  34. Most can recognize something stupid when they see or hear it.
  35. They love to have projects to work on.
  36. They still love to color.
  37. They like to do jobs to earn money. IMG_2782 - Copy
  38. They are enterprising and love to think up business ideas.
  39. They love to look at funny pictures of animals.
  40. They can make awesome desserts, like brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
  41. They will try on silly hats.
  42. They will pose for Mom to take their picture in a silly hat. IMG_3119 - Copy
  43. Most of them have a good sense of humor.
  44. They still come and hug you good night.
  45. Even though they are “grown up,” they still like to snuggle up on the bed and talk.
  46. They love to build sand creations at the beach.
  47. They enjoy finding little critters in the tide pools.
  48. They love to lie on the beach and read a book.
  49. They love to ride the waves. IMG_1709
  50. The girls look beautiful in prom dresses.
  51. The guys look handsome in tuxedos.
  52. They love to eat popcorn and candy at the movies.
  53. They can eat everything in the fridge, and still be hungry.
  54. They love to fly cool kites. IMG_6426
  55. They love fuzzy socks, cute animal slippers, and warm fuzzy blankets.
  56. It is fun to watch them do awesome things.
  57. It is fun to watch them grow up.

If you can think of others, please scroll down and leave a comment below with suggestions to add to my list. My daughter Andrea informed me that I should be able to think up at least 57 more reasons to love teenagers. I think I’d better get started on that right away.

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