Life With a Vegan Teenager

PLUS Four Tasty Smoothie Recipes to Get You Started in the Morning


A few months ago, I posted an article about how I support my daughter’s decision to become a vegan. I felt like it was time to give a progress report on how things are going. Overall, things are going pretty well for her. Her acne problem continues to improve, and she is so much happier […]

Parenting Your Legacy

Revisiting the Parenting Manifesto


Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.” A few decades ago, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote that quote in his popular book entitled “The Power of Positive Thinking.” It was a huge success. Why is that? Because people need a positive message to help them navigate through their daily lives, and teens and […]

Why Your Teen Needs Driving Experience – NOW!


Sophomore year of high school. It’s that action-packed, fun-filled year when most teens become old enough to learn how to drive. And parents fear they will never sleep soundly again. You thought you lost sleep when they were babies. Welcome to the mid-teen years. But relax, Mom and Dad. It doesn’t have to be so […]

Where Should Your Teen Go to College? The Answer May Surprise You.


There’s a chill in the air. Time for those campus visits, and time to fill out college applications. Time to zero in on a major course of study, and time to hunt down and apply for scholarships. And don’t forget about the FAFSA. Fall is the time for falling temperatures, football games, and pumpkin spice […]

Exceptional Teen Feature – Katie Kerrivan, September, 2016


Being organized is being in control. For eighteen year old Katie Kerrivan, organization is the key to tackling her very large to do list. When Katie isn’t busy heading up a community outreach project at school, you might find her participating in a number of scouting activities, including canoeing, camping, or hiking in the Adirondack […]

This Dad Stopped Me in My Tracks and Made Me Say WOW!

Blueprint for How to Be a WOW Parent


I saw a parenting example recently that blew me away. It was a breath of oxygen, a bright light in the dark abyss of negative parenting that I personally witness at times. I felt it was worth sharing here. We’ve all seen parents out in public exhibiting terrible behavior towards their children they themselves would […]

What Are the Rules For a College Kid Who Lives at Home?


Parents of college kids are in a unique spot, especially compared to what they’ve experienced up to this point in raising their teens. Now those teens are officially “adults,” and proceeding from this point may get a bit tricky. Recently, someone asked me what the rules should be for a college kid who lives at […]

How to Stop Nagging Your Teen and Start Enjoying Your Relationship


You don’t have to have perfect kids to have happy kids. I suspect that’s why parents often fall into the trap of nagging and being critical – to try to make their children live up to a certain standard. But does anyone respond positively to being nagged or criticized? Of course not. There is a […]

Does My Teen Need to Go to College to Be Successful?

Getting a sense of direction


The 7 Year Adventure encourages positivity and enjoyment of all aspects of the process of raising teenagers. A huge part of that process includes helping them wade through the thousands of possibilities for career and life path choices that lie ahead of them. No small task, indeed. I had a conversation recently with a woman […]

Why Teens Should Avoid Student Loan Debt Like the Plague

And What They Can Do Instead


Teenagers in high school often dream of going to college and pursuing a degree. But what if a teen goes into a huge amount of debt in order to make that dream a reality? All four years, the student is racking up thousands of dollars in debt just to pursue that dream. Then she graduates, […]